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Pear Tree Planting Ceremony for the 130th Anniversary

On April 28th (Thursday), Ewha Womans University had the ‘Pear Tree Planting Ceremony for the 130th Anniversary’ at 10:00 AM in the front garden of Admission Hall.


As Emperor Gojong bestowed the name ‘Ewha Haktang’ in 1887 meaning pear blossom school, pear blossoms became the symbol of Ewha. In commemoration of Ewha’s 130th anniversary, the National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science (NIHHS) under the Rural Development Administration (RDA) donated five varieties of 41 pear trees including Hwangsilli pear trees, which had been grown nearby Ewha Haktang at the time of its foundation. Ewha planted the donated trees in the front garden of Admission Hall, and named the yard ‘Pear Blossom Garden’.

President Choi Kyunghee said, “With the help of many people, we were given pear trees, the symbol of Ewha, and I’d like to thank all for opening the 130th anniversary ceremony by creating a pear blossom garden” in her speech at the ceremony. She also added, “Ewha would do its best to keep a good relation with the RDA, engaging in botanical or other studies together.”

Lee Yangho, administrator of the RDA, said, “This year is very significant in the sense that it has been not only 130 years since the foundation of Ewha but also 10 years since Ewha and the RDA signed the MOU,” and added, “I hope Ewha and the RDA continue to strengthen exchanges in the fields of bioscience, agriculture, and food industry for smart agricultural environment.

At the tree planting ceremony, president Choi and other key officials wished the pear trees would take strong roots in the ground by putting soil on and watering them.

In 2006, Ewha signed an MOU with the RDA. Starting with a promotion event of pear production and consumption in September 2015, called ‘Korean Pear Festival with Ewha,’ they have continued close cooperation including research exchanges.