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Ewha, Restructuring the 2016 Liberal Arts Curriculum for Innovation of Undergraduate Education

Ewha Womans University reorganized the entire 2016 curriculum as part of an effort to innovate undergraduate education for cultivation of “THE Talent” as future leaders. The reform aims to improve general education and strengthen its qualitative effectiveness, thereby enhancing five core competences of the curriculum including △knowledge quest, △creative convergence, △culture and arts, △coexistence and empathy, and △global citizenship, and flexibly coping with diversifying educational environments.
Ewha reformed the existing liberal arts curriculum comprising △basic courses, △core courses, and △general courses into H·O·K·M·A, i.e. △H (Humanize Yourself) △O (Open Your Future) △K (Know The World) △M (Multiply Your Competence) △A (Analyze Your Thinking), according to specialized goals of each curriculum.
In addition, HOKMA College of General Education has improved the system, strengthened capabilities, and developed general education programs necessary for future talents by establishing the evaluation system on general education programs of the HOKMA College and implementing the HOKMA Accreditation (the H-Accreditation) designed to prove talents with cultivated humanities and competences, in order to enhance effectiveness of liberal arts education.